Empowered Solo Cook's Program

Empowered Solo Cook's Program

Discover how to stop throwing out food when you’re cooking for one without resorting to boring dinners.

You probably started cooking for one when you first moved out on your own. If you’re anything like me, you took recipes that you grew up eating and made them for yourself. If you’re anything like the people I work with, you thought that the best way to cook for yourself was to cook whole recipes that you found in cookbooks and online. I mean that’s what you saw. What other way is there? If you’re anything like me AND my clients you cook something, have 4 days worth of leftovers, hate it by day 2, then get takeout the rest of the week. Not only that, but you let the food you bought and your leftovers rot in the fridge because you don’t know what to do with the rest of them.

If you’re anything like I was, you’re frustrated, confused, and think there must be a way to stop wasting your food. Plus, you’re starting to think that it just isn’t worth it to cook for one.

Right now you may be frustrated and tired of throwing out so much food and you want to stop it. Cooking for one can feel hard, and not worth it. And knowing exactly the right steps that lead to eating delicious, easy meals can sometimes feel impossible. Which leads you to questioning everything. You may be like others, in that you like cooking, but your experiences tell you that cooking for one is hard, and not worth it. But you do like cooking, and you want to like it. You want to save money on groceries, eat delicious food more, and transfer the joy of cooking for others into the joy of cooking for yourself, but you’re not sure where to start. The biggest mistake I see people cooking for one making is that they cook the same way they saw their caregivers cook, or the same way they see in cookbooks everywhere… but the problem is that cooking for one is not the same as cooking for 4+ people.

The truth is……

if you’re not adapting your cooking style to stop wasting food and start cooking for one, you’re going to continue to hate cooking for one and keep wasting food that you hate to waste.

My clients who are successful stop thinking the way they always did, and start thinking about how they can find their own balance of cooking new dishes and using leftovers. It’s different for everyone, but they learn how to cook for one in a way that actually works in their lives. They know something that you may not have realized… until now, they can actually cook for one without having to cook every night or waste food. You can enjoy it and stop wasting food.

You already realize that you have to change how you cook for one, that you can’t just cook any recipe you find and have enough to eat for 1-2 meals and move on. That you can’t cook the way you always have been cooking and just buy less to stop wasting food. It takes changing the way you think and plan for meals.

How much longer can you continue to waste food?

Think about it, if you keep waiting until you have time to change how you cook for yourself, when will the right time ever come? You can’t afford to keep wasting food and time planning for meals that don’t get eaten. Anyone can start cooking for one and stop wasting food if they know the steps to follow…. And it doesn’t matter how much time you have to cook, with the right meal planning program, you can stop wasting food and start enjoying cooking for yourself as much as you enjoy cooking for others! In this group program, I’m teaching you exactly how to plan and cook for one so you can enjoy cooking and stop wasting food!

That's why I'm introducing The Empowered Solo Cook’s Program. It's designed to help you discover how to stop throwing out food when you’re cooking for one without resorting to boring dinners.

You’ll learn the exact process to start planning meals for one that will save you time, effort, and keep you from wasting food. Plus learn exactly what roadblocks you can turn into opportunities to be successful at planning your meals, so you can eat delicious home cooked food as much as you want. You’ll discover my secret formula for planning and scheduling meals so you’ll stop planning meals that you don’t have time to actually cook during the week. You’ll access my system of perfecting your own meal planning process that works best for you, not for someone else. You’ll get templates, a single serving cookbook, virtual cooking classes, and access to me to help you overcome your individual roadblocks and start loving cooking for one.


  • Week 1: Get Set Up for Meal Planning and Cooking Success: bring your ideal way of eating into your reality and merge the gap.
  • Week 2: Master the Basics of Cooking For One: Learn time and effort saving tricks to cook for one
  • Week 3: Make Cooking Enjoyable and Sustainable: Learn how to set yourself up for success long term, and treat cooking for one as an experiment
  • Week 4: Get your Intuitive Eating On: jump out of the dieting bandwagon by exploring Intuitive Eating

Here’s what you get! For just $197

  • 2 virtual one on one nutrition consultations ($399 value)
  • 4 pre-recorded virtual group sessions (1 support group, 3 cooking class) ($399 value)
  • 40+ recipe Single Serving cookbook ($24 value)
  • Weekly worksheets to help you discover why you do what you do and guidance on how to make helpful changes ($499 value)
  • Custom Dinner Kit ($39 value)
  • Unlimited Email support ($99 value)

7 Modules


Here you'll find:

  • Welcome video
  • Pre-program questionnaire

MODULE 1: Make Cooking for One Work for You

This is week 1 content. In week 1, we'll focus on looking back on what you've done in the past to cook for yourself. Learn what worked, what didn't and take that to move forward. You will also learn about the things you're telling yourself that don't help you cook for one. We'll turn those unhelpful thoughts into opportunities to make changes in ways that aren't stressful, and will stick.

MODULE 2: Foundations of Meal Planning/Cooking for One

This week we're focusing on the practical aspects of planning/cooking.

Let's break up dinner options into 4 categories:

  • Easy Single Serving Dinners
  • Premade/Dinner Out
  • 'Throw Together' Dinner
  • 2+ Serving Recipe for Leftovers

Plan according to your schedule & the options above. The point of this is to make cooking easy and to take the decision making out of the moment, so you don't find yourself standing in front of the fridge, scratching your head, and starving.

Custom Dinner Kit-DIY Meal Planning

Modules for this product 7
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